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delivering memorable learning experiences without the PowerPoint

We don't use 'classrooms'. We don't use PowerPoint. We don't do icebreakers. We don't tell you what you are going to learn.

We do create memorable learning experiences, driven by you and your needs. You identify the opportunities for growth and we rise to the challenge, partnering with you to create learning moments that help turn your opportunity into a reality. 


We help you to exploit your


to learn

Drawing on award-winning learning design experience, we deliver workshop experiences that accelerate learning. We deliver micro-experiment led outcomes that ensure that your learning lands in the workplace to improve the way you go to work because what makes your organisation work is you.

Our leadership and change management programmes​ are 'lived' learning experiences. We listen to your needs and create safe havens for learning where you can experiment with powerful management and leadership tools as they relate to you.

We have deep expertise with the confidence and experience to adapt to your needs as they emerge during the workshops. Importantly, we model methods that you can take back to the workplace, such as coaching cafes and working walks that tap into the benefits of ecopsychology through green and blue exercise.

Some of the opportunities we have helped clients to exploit in the recent past include:


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion planning, Change for managers who don't do change, harnessing the power of CQ (Cultural Intelligence), team-building, applied influence for leadership impact; developing a high-trust culture; fast decision-making; creating productive and cohesive project teams; improved innovation and problem-solving through Design Thinking; communication for high-impact change management and stakeholder management; coaching-led leadership and agile leadership; applied influence and winning pitches for Business Development teams.

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