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activity that fuels your mind, body + soul

"Nature is not only nice to have, but it’s a have-to-have for physical health and cognitive function.” 
- Jim Robbins, Yale Environment

A landmark study, involving 20,000 participants, found that people who spent a minimum of 120 minutes engaged green or blue exercise (green spaces - parks etc. - or blue spaces - lakes etc.) felt more healthy and had a stronger feeling of wellbeing. Importantly, people who didn't achieve the 120 minutes of green or blue exercise felt no benefit.

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Get ready for unplugged connectivity!

Unplug, connect and fuel your mind, body and soul.

Our unplugged connectivity walks are designed to expose teams to the science of ecopsychology and blue/green exercise. 

Blue (close to water) or green (spaces such as woodland) exercise is known to improve motivation, where you experience a sense of connectedness or belonging to something bigger than yourself. But did you know it can improve your ability to learn?


Studies have found that adults who learn outdoors are more engaged and affected by the experience, feel more self-directed and more competent as a result.


Now consider that studies have linked your cognitive performance to exercise. Harvard Business Review, reporting on studies from Stanford University and Leeds Met found that you can expect the following benefits from a programme of regular exercise:


  • faster learning

  • sharper memory

  • improved concentration

  • prolonged mental stamina

  • enhanced creativity

  • increased productivity

  • smoother interactions with colleagues

  • increased energy levels

  • better time management

  • a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day

Our themed learning walks, such as "leadership for managers who don't lead", are designed for leaders, managers and teams who want to challenge negative routines and habits that 'flatten' the way they go to work. 

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