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because what makes your organisation work is you

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Will you take the #35HourWorkWeekChallenge

and do more with less time,

so you have more time for life?

Imagine if you had 60 minutes of your workday gifted back to you, what would you do with it?

Now, imagine if you had 5 hours, a whole half of a day, what would you do with that time? 


More organisations are recognising the value of good work practices that provide more opportunities for a good life balance, health and wellbeing.

Our 4x15x5 Productivity Labs create a powerful blend of guided discovery and design-thinking. The outcome generates meaningful micro-experiments that enable you and your teams to be more productive, giving you more time for a good life.

Exploring rituals, routines, emotions, conversations, and collaborations with fresh eyes, we create an environment for you to discover opportunities to influence a Good Work environment.

Because what works is you. You have the best insights into your greatest opportunities. We are here to help you realise those opportunities.

Productivity Labs:
will you make room 
for more life?

Project DNA

Exploring +identity +meaning +belonging +achievement

Enhancing +wellbeing +energy +happiness +trust

Enabling +productivity +collaboration +engagement +retention +influence +agility


for individuals, teams and organisations 

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