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Transform Knowledge Management: discover your ah-ha moment

Updated: May 29, 2021

Are you ready to transform KM and discover your ah-ha moment? This blog is about Knowledge Management, change management and challenging the present to shape a future where KM persists over time.


Disclaimer: What I am about to detail is free. I want to be clear; there are no hidden costs; this is about giving back to a field that has given so much to me throughout my career.


A passion for Knowledge Management & Change Management

My passion is Knowledge Management. For the last twelve years that passion has brought me to deliver 125+ KM Change Management engagements in 17 countries. I have had the privilege of working with some of the best-known names in pharma, engineering, software, energy, healthcare and manufacturing, as well as government organisations in the UK, Europe and Middle-East. The Knowledge Management Change Insights Challenge experience I will detail is about sharing with you what I have learned about high-impact KM.

Those of you who follow my work will know that I am not a big fan of KM ISO30401 or KM certification courses. Both miss the opportunity to signpost known-knowns that cause KM to stress and fail - in other words, known challenges related to failed methods and change management (e.g. the need to address behavioural change as part of any change management initiative).

Both the ISO and KM certification should serve to turn unknowns into known opportunities. Unfortunately, in my opinion, both tend to create the opposite, missing known challenges and amplifying the likelihood of KM initiatives failing or experiencing unintended consequences.


Knowledge Management: the persistent challenge of moving knowledge to action to value

The Knowledge Management initiatives you are involved in today are the result of all decisions taken to this moment, and, sadly, KM is still not performing as well as it could (read the 2020 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report here).

Failure to move KM to action
Deloitte Human Capital Trends report 2020
"Our research this year shows that many organisations remain focused on - and struggle with - the basics of Knowledge Management." - Deloitte 2020

Unfortunately, these challenges reach back to the beginnings of the modern KM movement in the 1990s; it poses the question, what is stopping KMers from addressing such challenges?

Continuous Improvement Subscription

The evidence suggests that Knowledge Management could do with an insights space that challenges KM practitioners to see more of their environment, to unflatten, allowing you to reveal unknowns and turn them into known opportunities.

In response to this challenge, working with Eva Gromadzki, we created a coached/mentored insights experience, the KM Change Insights Challenge World; an evidence-based space for safe-to-fail challenge and learning.


The Knowledge Management Change Insights Challenge

"I have had the opportunity to experience this virtual platform to explore the unknowns of KM adoption and challenges we face as KMers. I must congratulate Dr David Griffiths for developing such an amazing and innovative platform in Knowledge Management space."

The KM Change Insights Challenge is an immersive virtual experience. Engaging with evidence-based insights, you will come to explore common KM themes, from governance to content development, to leadership and influence, to avoidance strategies and behavioural change. Along the way, we will share with you powerful stories, tools and frameworks that can help address some of your biggest challenges and opportunities.

The change insights experience lasts for approximately 90-minutes and challenges you to unflatten your thinking, where, before you leave the experience, you will have the opportunity to move your insights to concrete actions. You will be provided access to the software which can be accessed via tour browser, and you will be supported using your preferred video conferencing platform.

"Thanks to Dr David Griffiths for presenting on a really interesting and insightful way to explore Knowledge Management today. My team and I at Standard Life Assurance: part of Phoenix Group Careers really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from it. #knowledgemanagement #innovation #problemsolving"
Knowledge Management Change Insights Challenge
Can you balance an elephant on your head?

Arriving in the world, you can choose from one of three options - don't worry if you are not that keen on digital environments, we will help you to enjoy the experience. You can:

  1. Create an avatar and explore the world from a first-person perspective.

  2. Take a drone view and fly across the landscape.

  3. Hand over the controls and take a back seat, guiding your coach to respond to what you see.

The KM Insights exploration starts with you, and your current challenges/opportunities in the context of high-performance KM benchmarks. For example, what shapes a high-performing KM team; knowledge is a human condition, so how do you create behavioural change; what are the expert limitations of your KM team; and how do you move knowledge to action?

"Insightful session hosted by Dr David Griffiths yesterday with my team at the Phoenix Group. Lots of tips on new approaches we can take with #knowledgemanagement in the workplace #forwardthinking #innovation"

Knowledge Management Change Insights Challenge
Are you ready for the KM Value Field?

I don't want to give too much away and spoil the experience, but one of the most challenging aspects of the Knowledge Management Change Insights Challenge is the KM Value field. In this space, you will have the opportunity to explore your enterprise knowledge domain solutions, content quality, and high-impact KM reporting variables.

"Thank you David! Fantastic session. Really informative and innovative. Helped me really consolidate my thinking re KM best practice."

What have you got to lose? KMers from 12 countries have experienced the KM Insights Challenge, drop us an email: or and find your ah-ha moment today.

"KM Challenge platform offers a very refreshing way to look at KM. It helps the KM practitioners like myself take a step back from their familiar thinking patterns and view the challenges they face from different angles.
While discovering the KM virtual world, the user receives continuous impulses, like: have you thought about the beliefs & attitudes of people you are working with/for? Do you know what is important for them? Are you dealing with a simple, complicated or complex challenge? This ensures considering all the necessary aspects impacting KM and gives inspiration to think differently.
I have been working in the KM field for the last 11 years. And still the journey through the KM virtual world with great guidance by David Griffiths helped me rethink some concepts and look at the KM in a fresh way.
Thank you very much, David, for this great experience and sharing your expertise with me."

IMPORTANT NOTE This offer is for one person per organisation. The offer is not open to consultants; I am gifting my time, and I want to give that time to the colleagues on the front line of KM practice. The offer is valid for one KM Insight experience per organisation.

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