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A simple list for Knowledge Managers

a simple list for knowledge managers

Stop for a moment.

Think about Knowledge Management.

Write these things down - the contents of the noise in your head as you write.

You can't revise or discard what you don't consciously recognise.

These assumptions and prohibitions and obligations are the imprint of your education and the culture you live in.

Distrust them.

What you don't know about Knowledge Management is also a form of knowledge, though much harder to grasp.

Try to discern the shape of what you don't know and why you don't know it.

Whenever you get a glimpse of your ignorance.

Don't fear it or be embarrassed by it.

Acknowledge it.

What you don't know and why you don't know it are information too.

Let's make a simple list:

  1. What you've been taught.

  2. What you assume is true because you've heard it repeated by others.

  3. What you feel, no matter how subtle.

  4. What you don't know.

  5. What you learn from your own experience.

These are the ways we know nearly everything about the world around us.

Keep them in mind, especially when you begin to think about what is Knowledge Management and how to do Knowledge Management.

Adapted from Klinkenborg, 2013

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