because what works is you

How aware are you of how your beliefs, values & standards shape the world around you?


Our Insight Spaces provide opportunities for you to explore your awareness of yourself and your influence & impact on those around you.

Personal Insights are FREE and allow you to reflect on opportunities for improvement.

You can also purchase a coaching session, at the reduced price of £99, where you can learn how to spot opportunities and move to action.

Dynamic 360 Insight Reports are FREE with our five-session coaching packages. Also, all our coaching packages include access to our Coaching Insights Space, where you can journal your coaching experience and monitor the progress of micro-experiments.

Dynamic 360 Insight Reports can also be purchased by teams and individuals - a single report costs:

£89/person | 1 to 10 users

£79/person | 11 to 20 users

£69/person | 21 to 30 users

£59/person | 31 to 40 users

£49/person | 41+ users

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arrow&v thoughts go not only to the past year, but an entire 33 1/2 year career...the opportunity to get to know, and work with, you was certainly one of the highlights of my career. I learned a lot and cherished the opportunity to know you on a professional and personal level.

(CEO, Top 100 influencers in the US accounting profession)

It is a privilege and pleasure to be coached by you during this difficult time in my career.

(UK Government, Senior Leader)

If you are expecting a free ride with solutions posted to your doorstep then you will be left behind; if you wish to engage in constructive and creative exchanges which is truly cutting edge then David is the person for you."

Team GB, Head of Performance Knowledge

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