because what works is you

Do you want a fresh way to take on opportunities that enhance


+wellbeing +energy +happiness +trust 


to impact 


+productivity +collaboration +engagement +retention +influence & +agility?

Good work.shops are memorable learning events that bring you to explore Good Life + Work through the lens of agile, high-performing teams.


These high-impact work.shops develop the leader's, manager's and team member's  ability to manage minds. We deliver a fresh perspective for you to create rapid and meaningful change.


Each Good Work.Shop presents a store of meaningful tools, where you decide what to buy into and apply to the way you go to work.

You will discover the links between IDENTITY, MEANING, BELONGING & ACHIEVEMENT, and the power of influence over authority in creating agile, trusted high-performing teams.


You will explore opportunities to improve productivity, agility and high-trust culture through improved team alignment and decision-making using The Clarity Cube©. The Clarity Cube is our proprietary, award-winning decision-making support tool that has been deployed across sectors in organisations of all sizes.

Good Work.Shops are offered in either a one or two-day format. You can attend a public event as an individual or team, or we provide in-house events for those looking for an experience tailored to their organisation's opportunities. 


The Good Life + Work team will model practical tools that you can immediately apply to influence an agile, high-performing Good Life + Good Work culture in your organisation. 

Good Work.Shops are also delivered using our Good Walk approach, where participants can learn while improving their well-being through physical activity in inspiring green spaces.

If you want to disrupt your thinking and tackle a wicked opportunity, we facilitate Collider events. The Good Life + Good Work Collider swarms an organisation's collective intelligence to tame wicked opportunities using a design-thinking approach. 

Are you interested in the 35 Hour Work Week Challenge?  If so, check out our 4x15x5 Labs.

Project DNA

Exploring +identity +meaning +belonging +achievement

Enhancing +wellbeing +energy +happiness +trust

Enabling +productivity +collaboration +engagement +retention +influence +agility


for individuals, teams and organisations 





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