because what works is you

Could you contribute to conversations and collaborations for the common good?


Good Life events are designed for individuals interested in conversations and collaborations for the common good.

We offer Good Walk events, which are designed to bring people together to explore opportunities for improving personal wellbeing, happiness, trust and health.

Each Good Walk introduces you to practical tools, such as our Take5 & Take10 Cards, that enhance your personal development and awareness of the world. At the end of every walk, you will leave with clarity around what you could do, want to do and will do to improve your Good Life experience.


If you want to disrupt your thinking, join one of our Collider events. The Collider is about diversity and inclusion. Using a design-led approach, we bring people together to tackle wicked problems related to wellbeing, happiness, trust and health. 

The Big Collider is our annual societal challenge, which takes on a wicked opportunity for a community (e.g. improving STEM opportunities for children in rural areas or mental health support for ageing rural communities).

Think . Different . Together

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Exploring +identity +meaning +belonging +achievement

Enhancing +wellbeing +energy +happiness +trust

Enabling +productivity +collaboration +engagement +retention +influence +agility


for individuals, teams, communities and organisations 

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