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In today's fast-changing world, children need safe, real-world experiences that prepare them to thrive in their future.


Unfortunately, many schools do not have the time or resource to develop the Beliefs, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge, Experiences and Talent that children need to flourish in their future - skills such as learning agility, applied emotional and social intelligence, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making in uncertainty.


Applying scientific thinking and Design Thinking (D:School) methods, we guide children to understand and manage tomorrow's challenges. From fake news to deep fakes; from information overload to artificial intelligence; from mental to physical wellbeing, we guide children to find their voice and know their mind.


Here at the Good Life + Work Project, we are passionate about creating opportunities to help children make a difference for themselves and their communities. We help them understand that the decisions they make today shape the person they will meet in the future. 


Our Good Life Juniors programme is for children of ages 9 through 12, and our Good Life NextGen programme caters to ages 13 through 16.


Both programmes focus on developing an understanding of individual and group identity, exploring what brings people purpose as well as a sense of belonging and achievement.

Think . Different . Together

Project DNA


Exploring +identity +meaning +belonging +achievement

Enhancing +wellbeing +energy +happiness +trust

Enabling +productivity +collaboration +engagement +retention +influence +agility


for individuals, teams, communities and organisations 

Programme to be announced when COVID-19 social distancing procedures allow

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