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Change Management

& Transformational Leadership 

by consultants who don't like consultants

We are not joking, we really don't like the idea of consultants. Why? Because too much consultancy is hidden in a black box, where the organisation relies on the consultant for continued support.


We are trusted advisors who promise to be truthful, trusting, trustworthy and transparent. In living these values, we ensure that when we leave an engagement you have the tools and understanding to continue the journey on your own.

Your trusted advisors

With Change Management and Transformational Leadership experience that includes 125+ engagements in 17 countries, including awards for impact on US society, you are partnering with credible, evidence-based advisors. When you engage us as consultants, you are engaging with trusted advisors.


Our 4Ts values demand that we are truthful, trusting, trustworthy and transparent, which we bring to life through our award-winning* impact benchmarking process. 


It is the unknown that strikes fear into transformation leaders and change teams. We work to take away that fear, allowing you and your teams to achieve and enjoy influence, impact and success.


We have adapted our proprietary, award-winning knowledge and learning benchmarking method to develop deep insights into transformation and change management initiatives.


Our Impact Benchmarking process is about accelerating change. We achieve this by heightening your awareness of stealth variables. These unknowns thrive at the limit of your radar to limit the impact of your transformation or change management programmes. We bring these stealth variables into sight, allowing you to seize new opportunities to increase the influence and impact of your initiative.


By developing insights into your competence, competency and capability in these areas, we lower the risk of unintended consequences, allowing you to turn your unknown challenges into known opportunities.

We hold ourselves accountable through a promise to you that we will live our 4Ts throughout our time with you. We guarantee to share our expertise and insights with you at all stages of our engagement, ensuring that your teams have the tools to thrive in the future without us.

Our vast experience includes engagements with organisations from across sectors, both large and small, for example: 


DuPont, Ubisoft, E.ON Energy, Mars Inc, British Aerospace, British Petroleum, Team GB, Visa Europe, European Training Foundation, European Institute for Innovation and Technology, Scottish Government, Bahrain Natural Gas, Scottish Water, Quintiles Pharmaceuticals, Abbot Vascular, Premier Health, EcoPetrol, MayBank, Genpact, The Energy Catapult (ERIS), The Department for International Trade and Aber Instruments.

*Emerald Literati Network Award for Research Excellence

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