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Intent-driven executive, leadership and management coaching programmes that get you moving.

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We​ specialise in developing ALL (Agile Learning Leaders).


Our recent experience includes supporting senior leaders experiencing performance improvement opportunities related to engagement (communication breakdown in a Joint Venture), self-confidence (imposter syndrome linked to fast-tracked promotion), decision-making anxiety (managing complexity during a merger), learned helplessness (a feeling of things going wrong and not having control of what is happening), productivity and prioritisation (when time becomes an avoidance strategy), dealing with trust issues (trusting colleagues, related to trustworthiness and commitment to a new strategy).

We work with you to create safe insight spaces that bring you to understand yourself, your team relationships and how your BASKET (Beliefs, Attitudes, Skils, Knowledge, Experience & Talent) influences and shapes the way you and your team go to work.

Using our Insight Space, we act as your dive partner. We are your guide as you deep-dive into a pool of discovery that brings you a heightened awareness of who you are, what brings you meaning and motivation, and what distracts you. 

Taking a marginal gains approach, we work with you to deconstruct goals into a series of micro-experiments around what you could do, want to do and will do, that brings you to a transformational tipping point.

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