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The Good Life + Work Project exists to make work-life better by using applied influence to accelerate and influence behavioural change.


Change Management and leadership is about influencing people and their behaviours and that's what we do. We help to accelerate complex change initiatives through a better understanding of what brings people a sense of identity, meaning, connectedness and achievement.

We start by bringing managers and leaders to understand motivation and how engagement, involvement, diversity and purpose powers purposeful actions. 


We design, develop and deliver personalised advisory, consulting, training and coaching solutions that turn your challenge into opportunities to make your work-life better.

Who are you, and what is in your BASKET (Beliefs, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge, experience & Talent)? What brings you meaning? What brings you a sense of connectedness with people and places, and what brings you a sense of fulfilment? 

Imagine the power of those insights when applied to a change programme or in understanding the cultural intelligence opportunities within a diverse and inclusive team.

For example, you could use this intelligence to improve your ability to listen to and understanding people, improving empathy, which develops rapport and trust, leading to increased influence and impact (positive change) as a change manager or leader.


When we talk about impact, we mean positive change linked to productivity, innovation, engagement, collaboration, inclusion, wellbeing, decision-making, learning agility and, ultimately, measurable high-impact outcomes.

The Good Life + Work Project is about you and your team enjoying life, which means enjoying work because purpose powers purposeful actions.


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Ubisoft, E.ON Energy, Mars Inc, British Aerospace, British Petroleum, Team GB, Visa Europe, European Training Foundation, European Institute for Innovation and Technology, Police Scotland, Scottish Government, Bahrain Natural Gas, Scottish Water, Quintiles Pharmaceuticals, Abbot Vascular, Premier Health, EcoPetrol, Maybank, Genpact, Department for International Trade, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Aber Instruments



Workshops without the PowerPoint, just memorable learning experiences and micro-experiments that impact the way you go to work.


Consulting by consultants who don't like consultants. 


Project Delta is about accelerating influence and the creation of meaningful value in your change and transformation initiatives. Click "more info" to see the PRO-PIE case study from our engagement with one of the world's leading brands.


One-on-One or Team Coaching with access to our proprietary Insights Spaces, including 360 feedback tools.


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Everything we do starts with you: your ability to choose your own direction, your skills, and your level of connectedness with people and places.


Instead of focusing on outcomes, we help you understand the power of influence and impact created by engagement, involvement, purpose and purposeful behaviours.


To have an impact you need clarity of purpose, or goals. We focus your mind on what you could do, want to do and will do. We keep you on track using FAST & FAIRR feedback. 


A Good Life + Work experience requires an understanding of the connection between mind, body and soul. We tap into the benefits of ecopsychology to fuel your motivation through blue and green exercise.


Dr David Griffiths

Meet The Founder

Mindblowing! I have never had a learning experience like this. This is what leadership development should look like and I can honestly say that it is the best professional development I have experienced. Ever.

Senior Project Manager

E.ON Energy

...my thoughts go not only to the past year, but an entire 33 1/2 year career...the opportunity to get to know, and work with, you was certainly one of the highlights of my career. I learned a lot and cherished the opportunity to know you on a professional and personal level. 

CEO, Top 100 influencers in the US accounting profession

If you are expecting a free ride with solutions posted to your doorstep then you will be left behind; if you wish to engage in constructive and creative exchanges which is truly cutting edge then David is the person for you."

Team GB, Head of Performance Knowledge