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Exploring +identity +meaning +belonging +achievement

Enhancing +wellbeing +energy +happiness +trust

Enabling +productivity +collaboration +engagement +retention +influence +agility


for individuals, teams, communities, and organisations 



The good life + work project

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The good life + work project is about providing opportunities to develop individual and team happiness, to improve trust, resilience, learning agility, influence, efficiency & effectiveness.


Too much of what happens in life + work focuses on managing the negatives - survival (fight, flight or freeze).


Instead, the good life + work project brings focus to what makes you and others thrive. In doing so, you can create high-impact improvements to +productivity | +collaboration | +engagement | +retention | +influence | +agility


Applying powerful scientific principles, we provide you with practical tools to manage minds, and help influence commitment, fulfilment and flow in life + work.

Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is discovered in the pursuit of challenging activities; the identification and achievement of goals; by establishing and nurturing social ties; through trust (trusting, and being trustworthy & trusted); and having a purpose that contributes to community good. 

Our project brings you to explore identity, your values, behaviours, agility, and how you influence the actions of others. Your good life + work journey then guides you to discover what brings meaning, a sense of belonging, and achievement for yourself and others in your team or community.

Using practical tools and methods that can immediately be applied to enhance +wellbeing +energy +happiness +trust, we show you how to improve life and the way you go to work.


From a Good Work perspective, you can expect to positively impact +productivity +collaboration +engagement +retention +influence (leadership) +agility

At the good life + work project, we focus on what works for you because what works is you.


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